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Information regarding the product codes (PDF)

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Instructions regarding gift certificates (PDF)

The virtual currency has been phased out due to lack of use.

A DVD will be produced of the 201X Caramba season. A copy of the disc can be purchased by using the form included on this page. The product(s) can be paid for by cash on delivery or a bank transfer. If you have a voucher code that covers the cost, choose the payment option for voucher code.

If you are using a voucher code, that will be noted on the response email which you will receive within two (2) weeks.

The pricing for individual discs is determined by the cost of production. The products have a fourteen (14) day cancellation period, beginning from the dispatch of the confirmation email.


I want to purchase the following DVDs

2017 The entire caravan slalom season (25€):

2018 The entire caravan slalom season (20):

CUP 1 Järvenpää (8€):

CUP 2 Parainen (8€):

CUP 3 Virrat (8€):

CUP 4 Kokemäki (8€):

SM [The Finnish Championship] Lahti (8€):

NCT [The Nordic Rally] Kristinehamn (8€):

Gift Certificate (X€):

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